Pershore Gallery


Pershore Gallery and framing has developed over many years a very high standard of bespoke picture framing in Worcestershire. As a result it has many regular customers including many local artists. We have a wide experience in framing all types of conventional art work, oils, water , mixed media along withmany other materials to be framed .Other examples including, textiles, medals , photographs , maps, certificates, sporting awards and other memerobilia.In fact just about anything you might require to be hung on your walls we have a framing solution. 

 Mounting Options.

Pershore Gallery offers a large selection from retained stock of plain and textured mountboard, again, produced to the highest standards for conservation applications. These offer infinate colour and style options for single, double mounting and box displays. Many decorative additional finishes to mounts can be applied in the form of sight lines, coloured and textured tapes around any image aperture.

If appropriate we use ph neutral backing boards or barrier paper to protect original work. Usually used with original oil, watercolour, photographs etc.

All our framing work is designed to be completely reversable, protecting original work or objects in their original state.

 Framing Options

 We offer framing for Artists, Architects, Photographers, Interior Designers, Collectors, Local Authorities and other businesses. We use only the best mouldings and plain wood from three of the UKs best suppliers. Pershore Gallery uses conservation standards in its framing techniques and associated materials. We assist customers in our gallery with the many choices of frame, mounts and types of glass. We supply options of standard, non reflective and U.V. protective glass to museum standards.

At our workshops and stores located above our gallery we maintain a large stock of framing materials, mouldings, mountboard and glass, thus able to offer a prompt turnround .

For subjects requiring a plain wood moulding  from our stock of selected oak, ash and some fruit woods , there are many options in finishes which can be applied according to customer requirements. These can be,  coloured varnishes, hand waxed, painted or limewashed.

We can supply many options of extruded aluminium frames in a variety of different colours and sections.


Once frame and mounting of work is completed the whole assembly is normally assembled with an mdf backing board with the selected glass.

Assemble is then fixed with glassiers points and taped with strong waxed finishing tape. This is designed to remain moist over time to prevent cracking and peeling.

Appropriate hangings are fitted, i.e cord, stainless steel or brass wires