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Pershore Gallery Aviation Publishing house is pleased to present for sale original artwork, limited editions and open editions artwork by some of the UKs leading aviation artists. Some of the work is exclusive to Pershore Gallery. Most of the artists are either Full Members or Associate Members of the Guild of Aviation Artists. Some of the work included from Barry Price, Frank Wooton, Roy Garner, Eric Bottomley, Keith Woodcock ,John Milsom, Simon Atack, Chris French and Ronald Wong

Please note that we can supply any of the following images to any alternative size from the standard size and price listed below as required with the exception of the Barry Price subjects. Also these images can be produced on Canvas to any size please contact us for details of this service.

Chris French

Ronald Wong GAva

 Richard Wheatland

Peter Bratt

John Young

John Milsom GAvA


 Keith Woodcock

Eric Bottomley

 Roy Garner

Michael Turner PGAvA

 Frank Wootton PPGAvA

 Barry Price

 CF01    " Teasin Tina"   Victor K.2 Tanker   16" x 10"  £40.00

GC01      Hawker Fury by Gerald Coulson VPGAvA. Open edition 15" x 10"   £38.00  

NSLR2   RAF Tornado GR1   Ronald Wong GAvA. Open Edition print  16" x 20"    £25.00

 RW01    Perfect Partners TRS2 & Lightning 16"x 10" £36.00

N137  Victor     Open edition print   16" x 12"   £10.00 

JM01    "Reborn"         Ltd. Edition 295   All signed by Artist  17"x24"      £38.00

JM09  Gloster Gamecock J-7904    Ltd Edt 295   signed by Artist 14" x 10"    £38.00  

JM02   "Bristol Bulldog"   Ltd. Edt. of 295   signed by Artist   14"x10"     £38.00                   

  JM04    "Force H"    Ltd. Edt. of 295   signed by Artist   15"x9"             £38.00

JM06 Sea Fury T20 RN Historic Flight     Ltd Ed 295 , 15"x 10"        £ 38.00

13628 "Legendary Trainer"      Ltd. Edt. of 395   signed by Artist
11" x 15"   £45.00

 EB01   "Moths above the Malverns"     Ltd. Ed. of 350 all signed by Artist. Size including border 15" x 24"      £35.00

RG04    "D.H. Tiger Moth", 12"x 16"             £36.00

 RG02    "In Search of Rescue" , 771 Sqd RNAS Culdrose, Wessex HU5     £36.00. Original Oil Painting also available, POA

LE10    "Spitfire Sunset"            Signed and numbered by Artist Ltd. Ed.150    16" x 24"       £50.00

LE18     "Spitfire Legend"     All signed and numbered by Artist. Ltd.Ed.850     15" x 24"                                            £50.00

LEX17      "Spitfires at Dawn"     All signed and numbered by Artist. Ltd. Ed. 2945       14" x 19"                  £25.00

 N17 Spitfire Mk 9  Open Edition print 12" x 16" £10.00

 N89  P51D Mustangs 1945    Open Edition  12" x 16"  £10.00

N18  De Havilland Mosquito - " Tse Tse Fly " 1944  Open Edition print,  12" x 16"    £10.00 

 N64     "Hunter"          Open edition.  12"x16"        £10.00

N21      "Lancasters"        Open edition   12"x16"     £10.00

N67   "Shackleton MR.Mk2"  Open edition   12"x16"  £10.00 

N34  "Spitfire Mk9 take off"   Open edition 12"x16"  £10.00 

N68   "Rolling to Starboard"  Open edition   12"x16"   £10.00

N39   "Sunderlands 1944"  Open edition   12"x16"     £10.00 

N29 Halifax B Mk III   Open Ed Prints 12" x 16"  £10.00 

Payment terms.  

By PostCheque or Postal Order made out to , Pershore Gallery and sent to: 

Pershore Gallery.The Courtyard.  19, High Street.,  Pershore. Worcs. WR10 1AA

Credit Cards:    Phone with card details 01386 561626

 CF02   " Butterworth Bruisers"  Javelins  16" x 10"    £40.00

RC01   D.H.Tiger Moth by Roy Cross  Open edition print 15" x 10"  £38.00 

 NSLR6 Mosquitos Over Holland  Ronald Wong GAvA. Open Edition Print   16" x 20"   £25.00

 RW02  Victorious Vixens   16" x 10"  £36.00

 N135 Spitfires Over London 12" x 16" Open Ed    £10.00

Exclusive to Pershore Gallery "Reborn" is a Ltd. Edition print from an original watercolour celebrating the return to airworthy condition of Meteor T Mk7 WA 591. Following a seventeen year rebuild 591 is operated by the Classic Flight of Air Atlantique at Coventry. WA 591 is now the worlds oldest airworthy British Jet aircraft.

JM10 H.P.Victor B1 XA930     Ltd Edt of 295  Signed by Artist 15" x 10"    £35.00 

JM03   "Sea King"     Ltd. Ed.  of 295   signed by Artist    16"x12"                     £38.00             

JM05     "Sea Hawk"   Ltd. Edt of 295   signed by Artist  14"x10"           £38.00

JM07 Sea Fury FB11 off HMS Ocean     Ltd Ed 295 , 15" x 10"     £38.00 

 13987   "Short C Class Flying Boat"    Ltd. Edt. of 395  signed   by Artist    11" x 16"   £45.00

 EB02   "Meteors over the Severn"    All signed by Artist. Size including border 17" x 24"     £28.00

RG01    "Show Time"   - Red Arrows  Ltd Edition Prints of 250 copies,   £36.00.  Original Oil Painting..... NOW SOLD! 

 RG03     "Silver Days"   DH Vampire T11     £36.00. Original Oil Painting also available, POA

L30    "Official Normandy Veterans Association 60th Anniversary"    All signed by Artist,  Ltd. Ed. 500  An historic tribute to all British forces on D Day and the Battle of Normandy. Individually counter signed by 24 distinguished veterans of the Normany Campaign. amongst the signatures are Richard Todd, Lord Carrington and Lord Deeds.      23" x 29"     £150.00          

 L31      "Mosquito"     Ltd.Ed.850  Also signed by five famous airmen including Group Captain John Cunningham D.S.O.,Air Vice Marshall Sir Ivor Broom KBE, CBE, D.S.O   Size 16" x 24"  £116.00

 LE 12  Operation Chastise,     Ltd Edt of 850    All prints signed and numbered by artist  £50.00

LE11      "Lancaster Dawn"         Signed and numbered by Artist  Ltd. Ed. 850    16" x 24"        £50.00

LEX15     "Hero of the Sky"    All signed and numbered by Artist. Ltd. Ed. 950    13" x 18"                      £25.00

N88 B17G Flying Fortress  12" x 16" Open Ed print  £10.00

 LE46      "Messerschmitt 262-A"      All signed and numbered by Artist. Ltd. Ed. 850      10"x17"   £25.00

 N19  Hawker Typhoons - 1944 open Edt print, 12" x 16"    £10.00           

N62  " In at low level ", DH Mosquito FB6     £10.00

N66   Shorts Stirling-1940  Open edition 12" x 16"  £ 10.00             

N35     "Hurricane Mk2"      Open edition. 12"x16"    £10.00

 N60      "Hurricanes 1940"  Open edition   12"x16"  £10.00

N82  Swordfish RN Historic Flight over QE2  Open edition print 12" x 16"    £10.00

N65      "Lightnings F6"    Open edition    12"x16"        £10.00

N30     "Spitfire Mk9"       Open edition      12"x16"     £10.00 

N33     "Vulcan B2"       Open edition     12"x16"     £10.00

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